How to apply to be a TG model/performer for Grooby.

I get dozens of applications a week – and I look at and answer everyone.  Most of them are rejected, often because a model hasn’t given me enough information to be able to make a fair assessment.  So in an effort to save us both time, please read and follow the guidelines below.

We don’t have photographers in every state or country.  We’re currently shooting in LA, San Francisco, Portland, Toronto, NYC, Washington DC, Ft.Lauderdale, Texas, Las Vegas and the UK.   We accept applications from anywhere as photographers do travel or for exceptional models we may work something out with, so please follow the submission instructions.

Models must be 18+.  We’re looking for models of all ethnicities, body types, ages and looks but you should either be in transition, transitioned or planning to transition. Post-ops welcome.

  • Send a selection of clear photos that include face shots and full body.   Camera phone photos are fine, a full nude should be included.  Do not send photoshopped or altered images.  Make sure images are large enough to be seen.   Do not send closeups of genitals without full body/face.
  • Include your location, name, age, stats and any other pertinent information, talents, hobbies, fetishes or looks.  If you have a special feature, let us know.
  • Email above to with subject line : Model App: (your name).

Not everyone can be a model but everyone following the above instructions will get a reply.

UPDATE 30TH APRIL 2013 :  READ THIS : seriously, how stupid can people be?  I’ve clearly stated how to apply to be a model but people still keep applying on this site.  YOU have failed already!!!

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85 Responses to How to apply to be a TG model/performer for Grooby.

  1. evalin says:

    im 24/3 years old white. handome face. and im now cd and tv.i wanna b male model this my numberphone :09398488872 from iran. pls hiring meee
    and this may email
    and my facebook id : evalin cder

  2. Kristina Marie says:

    Hi, im not sure if you guys are in the biz for crossdress porn, but thats what im interested in getting into, im sending a face pic. I can send more if needed. If nothing else, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks bunches!!

  3. hello
    I’m Neil. I would like to belong to his team as a photographer. I am in South America. Colombia. Here is very cute shemales. that they would be interested in joining your page. my mail

  4. bianca vargas says:


  5. KENDRA WOODS says:


  6. Jen says:

    Are you still looking for models? I sent an application following the guidelines, but never got a reply.

  7. edwin brumbaugh says:

    I would love to be totally feminized with hormons and strict corseting and implants I would love to do this for real and star in one of your movies like being kidnapped and feminized from start to finish I would do anything to do this for real

  8. yamini says:

    Iam a cd and looking for work .I have real good feminine look with makeup.anyone like to see my Image just mail me .

  9. Adrianna Fae says:

    I’m on two of your sites Canada Tgirl & Asian American Tgirls. How do I get on Shemale Yum?

  10. Steven says:

    We’ve just got you in for reshoots this week! Generally we prefer to keep different models on different sites when possible, this means we can get more work to more models. Let’s see how the sets go down on before we talk about extra work. Thanks.

  11. Steven says:

    Please follow the model link and I’ll get back to you.

  12. Steven says:

    Once you’ve feminized get back in touch.

  13. Bill DeBole says:

    If you’re ever looking for a virgin for one of your models to de-virginize, I would gladly do it for free. Not a joke, just being truthful.

  14. lovstad says:

    Hi…Norwegian male looking to join a shemale/tranny movie.
    Got some experience but want a lot more.

  15. Jenn/Jeff says:

    Looking for porn company advice were to go to become a she male. I want to be a sex toy for men –get big tits and hormones and and perform sexually in porn…can I go to a doctor for sexual exam and can I fast track the transition by going to out of country doctors . Who is creating the most attractive fucktoy trannys help me I’m ready to be a sex object and can you help me with the most perverted and naughty doctor to take my male body and rape it into a shemale

  16. Alex Santillana says:

    Hi im trying to get on a porn site im 135 lbs latin caribbean t girl thats a lot of fun

  17. Judith Wilde says:

    Hello, good morning. My name is Judith Wilde, and want to work with you. Regards

  18. Allurah says:

    Hi there I’m Allurah from the Philippines i was actually really searching for a nice TS/LB Porn production that can hire me as a Top/Dominant or i can be Versatile depends who would be my partner/co-actor is also want to be exclusive making porn/movies/video only to a caucasian age and looks are not important at all but only for caucasians again..,thanx and hope for your replies over to my Email i also cant see the space where i can upload my Nude photo by the way i do Escorting here in Manila that why some i have here is the one i’ve beeing suck by my client is that fine or already ok for you guys??

  19. gary says:

    I want to create an event that would benefit the gay community in Finland. I have great ideas but i need your support

  20. josie wails says:

    Hi, my name is Josie. Ilithyia on ter and backpage. I am 28, living in ft. Lauderdale. I have done amateur work with shemale yum in florida. I feel I have potential to be a good model and actress and would love the opportunity to audition for a spot.

  21. Alexis Santillana says:

    Hey im ashanti sexy caribbean t girl very sensual and will to work and make your porn site or porn vidoes one of the best ones of the season get at me you wont regret it

  22. Nyabella says:

    I’m Nya 27. Afro Cuban American live in Houston tx I’ve worked with ya before and would like to do it again

  23. I would love to work with you I am 5’7 in , height and I am 26 I am very photogenic love taking pictures I’ve been transitioning for a while and I’ve always wanted to be a model my phone number is 919-904-3360

  24. sabrina says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you are looking for female born applicants? I am a female, but often
    get mistaken for transgender, I think because I am less feminine in manner and I do not shave. Please let me know.. 🙂

  25. alanabeth Estrada says:

    am alana 25 5″5 weight 135 tranny a

  26. Victoria Castaneda says:

    I’m 5’8 135 hormones , but not at the moment
    I have 7 – 8inch, I made a video with clips, I don’t want to be a porn star,
    I want to be a performer,I want to work
    I want to give my body an time , an I’m ready .

  27. katelynn says:

    yall read the above and send youre info to damn some people need a reality check.

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  29. I want to be big pornstar in America. Me love you longtime!!! 5inches of hard cock. Love me tender. And dont cum on my back and tell me its raining 213 258 9928

  30. Diana says:

    I’m so interested in this industry im a 24 yo t. girl from mexico my skype diana.alexa22

  31. kim fox says:

    hey I’m a very sexy transsexual I’m looking to do porn I like to have sex I’m a very freaky tranny it was very cute too I like to have threesomes foursomes anything I’m down for can you please hit me back up

  32. cryatal says:

    I want to become a model I live in the uk so I would like to try for uk tgirls I have alot of face pics and other pics if you want to see email and I can send back anything you wanto see thankyou

  33. Steven says:

    Follow the links for models wanted on this blog.

  34. Freija says:

    I was wondering, does the nude picture have to include the face clearly? And is it OK to use nicknames or do we have to use our legal names?

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