Refund me please I didn’t mean to buy membership. Thanks.

I like to think that Grooby has the best customer service of any adult site, I’m fairly confident in that as I pick up selections from our customer service desk myself and answer them … but we’re not going to be pushed over, or stolen from, so when this piece of work emailed me this morning;

“Refund me please I didn’t mean to buy membership. Thanks.”

I had just the response;

“Can you clarify what you mean by ‘I didn’t mean to buy membership’ ?
While viewing the tour, did your hand accidentally slip to the join button, where it Read More

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TEA Nominations 2017 – a few words.

One of the most difficult tasks of the year, is helping create the nominations for the coming Transgender Erotica Awards.    We gather 100’s of pre-nominations and then have to sort through them to verify them (some people insist on sending the same nomination dozens of times thinking we’re not going to realize that).    In making the nomination lists that go to the judges, we have to cut it down to a manageable amount.  Our TEA show is a celebration for trans erotica but it is also an awards show, and only the very best of that year should get nominated.… Read More

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Members Surveys Results and Answers

Thank you to the members who took part in the survey.   As so many of you added comments, I think it would be fair to answer them here so everyone can share in the direction we can take the websites.

  1.  The majority of the answers came from ShemaleYum, Shemale.XXX and BlackTgirls
  2.  People mainly joined the site for the ‘type of’ or ‘quality of’ the content (77%) and 21%   were repeat members.
  3.  45% of people were members of 1 or more Grooby sites.
  4.  25% of people were members for less than one month, 23% for 1-3 months and 3-12 months and
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The TEA Show : Changes to 2017 Show!

It’s that time of the year again … when Kristel starts popping chocolate, when Morgan stretches her legs and when the Grooby team start prepare for the biggest nights of the Transgender Erotica Industry’s year.   It’s not until March – but we start in late Sept.

We will be continuing to use the fantastic space at Avalon for the show, with the former after-party (now the pre-party – read below) being in Bardot.   The TEAcon will be at the Avalon also.

In previous years, we’ve always ran the award show on the Sunday night, with the after party on the … Read More

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I want you to help me in my quest secretly to being bisexual and not curious.

“I’M a bbm and I don’t have any clue as to where I belong yet. I’m a big teddy bear that is very sexual and I want to experience all of the avenues eventually. I want to observe TS ladies doing what they do on set. I actually have never been penetrated voluntarily but I play with toys often so. Ready. I have only given throat and I’m pretty good I think. I want to be a fluffer. I’ve never been made up or wore lingerie but I’m game. I want you to help me in my quest secretly to … Read More

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