The Argument for a Black/Ethnic Performer Category at the Transgender Erotica Awards.

We used to have a specific Black Performer Award.  Up until 2014, (a Grooby website) sponsored it’s own ‘Model of the Year’,  the same way Kink, Shemale Strokers, Bobs-Tgirls etc. always have done.

We combined the ShemaleYum and Black-Tgirls Models of the Year into one fan voted, GroobyGirls Model of the Year for the last two years, mainly because it was hard to get enough people to participate in the voting process.  And that’s where we are now.

We’re looking at having a ‘Best Black/Ethnic Performer of the Year’ category at the TEA’s.  There are argument for and against … Read More

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TEA Nominations – So Many Nominees … So Few Spaces.



All nominations* are closed for the judging categories for this year’s event and I thought it prudent to make a few comments before they’re released this week, both in an effort to inform and to manage expectations.

It’s tough.  Really tough this year.   There are so many nominees, for almost every category that the cut off just to be nominated is going to be higher than ever.  This means established models who have appeared in the past nominations but may not have done the body of work or stood out this year, will be missed.   It means newcomers … Read More

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Real Fucking Girls. “A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations.”

Real Fucking Girls was Mona Wales’ first directorial DVD. Although she can’t remember approaching me to back it (it was a happy night in Barcelona) I didn’t forget and when we revisited the idea later in the year, it was one of the easiest decisions to make. I don’t really follow much of Mona’s porn, but her vibe, her personality and her acceptance of all, made me want to see what she could produce if given pretty much, free reign. Financing a DVD production in 2016 is costly, even on the small budgets we need. We’re working in a niche … Read More

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A Brief Word About the T.E.A. Pre-Nominations.

It’s that time of the year again. First up are the Xbiz Awards, swiftly followed by the AVN Awards and then it’s the TEA’s. The Transgender Erotica Awards, in it’s 10th year! Each competition has it’s own system for getting nominations and for awarding the prizes, but we believe ours is the most transparent.

How Does the Pre-Nomination Period Work?

We are just looking for suggestions at this point of people who may be eligible for each category.   Based on these suggestions, and the amount of people who have pre-nominated the individual or the title, we then draw up the … Read More

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Leave a comment – 100% Grooby owned streaming/download DVD site.

This week we launched   Although you can find out content on other DVD streaming/download sites like Hotmovies, AEBN and our white label at,  this website is owned and operated by Grooby.  Those companies take 65% of the income earned on the content we’ve paid to produce,  paying us less than 35% of the revenue.  As we take all the income from we’re able to pass on better prices to the consumer, so as far as we are aware, the cheapest way to get our DVD content either streaming or downloadable, is via our website.

Although many of … Read More

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