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We didn’t expect to do another one of these sites immediately after the site. We actually very rarely feel the need to do these drives but both Texas, Florida and the surrounding states hit very close to home for us, with producers and many, many of our models coming from those areas. With the exception of California, I think our main model pools currently are both those states, so being able to put money directly back into any relief efforts which may affect models, their friends, their families and their neighbourhoods get back onto their feet, is important to … Read More

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Shemale Yum rebrands as


We’ve changed our name!
After 20 years as ShemaleYum we’ve re-named and re-branded to
We’ve been planning and working on this for a long time.  It takes a lot to let go of a website name that I created and have lived with for that amount of time, which has been so successful and which so many people know and love.
The name thought, is problematic.  Twenty years is a long time and during that time, the usage of words change and the company has grown from one website to an international brand.   We’ve had to recognize … Read More
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Cumshot Mondays on Shemale NEW

As requested by the members, we’re trying to get more cum shots into the sites.  Because of the large array of trans girls models we work with – and the difficulties some models seem to have in cumming, it’s difficult to know how scenes are always going to play out – but we also recognise that a large section of fans, are looking for cum shot scenes.

In May we introduced ‘Cumshot Mondays’ to Shemale Yum.  Instead of shooting our usual two sets per shoot (with the second being a cum shot) we’re investing in having these scenes shot as … Read More

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Members Surveys Results and Answers

Thank you to the members who took part in the survey.   As so many of you added comments, I think it would be fair to answer them here so everyone can share in the direction we can take the websites.

  1.  The majority of the answers came from ShemaleYum, Shemale.XXX and BlackTgirls
  2.  People mainly joined the site for the ‘type of’ or ‘quality of’ the content (77%) and 21%   were repeat members.
  3.  45% of people were members of 1 or more Grooby sites.
  4.  25% of people were members for less than one month, 23% for 1-3 months and 3-12 months and
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The Relaunch of Canada Tgirls – combined with (and Asian American Tgirls)

Grooby announces the relaunch of two sites, Canada Tgirls and Asian American Tgirls as part of it’s new Grooby Multi Site combining FIVE websites with UK Tgirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival site of Hazel Tucker joining the lineup.

The decision to combine the Canada-Tgirls and UK-Tgirls site was based on both sites having a solid number of devoted members, but neither site having enough to maintain a solid budget and get enough new girls in. Adding one of my pet-project sites, Asian American Tgirls which also suffered the same problem, just should provide extra content to the members … Read More

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