Time Wasters – Male performers who don’t show up.

This is intended as a blacklist for time wasters in the adult industry, to save other companies the expenses and stress of looking for a new performer last minute, because some little shithead, decided after jacking off that he didn’t want to go through with the shoot at the last minute.


This is Reynaldo Macias from Houston, Texas.  This little shit, turned up to the shoot – then ran away without even making an excuse, meaning location fees, kill fees and time was wasted.

Houston, Texas.



This is Adrian Maddox.

Claims to be a personal trainer and … Read More

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FloridaTgirls.com – our second charity appeal in two weeks.

We didn’t expect to do another one of these sites immediately after the TgirlTexas.com site. We actually very rarely feel the need to do these drives but both Texas, Florida and the surrounding states hit very close to home for us, with producers and many, many of our models coming from those areas. With the exception of California, I think our main model pools currently are both those states, so being able to put money directly back into any relief efforts which may affect models, their friends, their families and their neighbourhoods get back onto their feet, is important to … Read More

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Shemale Yum rebrands as GroobyGirls.com


We’ve changed our name!
After 20 years as ShemaleYum we’ve re-named and re-branded to GroobyGirls.com
We’ve been planning and working on this for a long time.  It takes a lot to let go of a website name that I created and have lived with for that amount of time, which has been so successful and which so many people know and love.
The name thought, is problematic.  Twenty years is a long time and during that time, the usage of words change and the company has grown from one website to an international brand.   We’ve had to recognize … Read More
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Cumshot Mondays on Shemale Yum.com NEW

As requested by the members, we’re trying to get more cum shots into the sites.  Because of the large array of trans girls models we work with – and the difficulties some models seem to have in cumming, it’s difficult to know how scenes are always going to play out – but we also recognise that a large section of fans, are looking for cum shot scenes.

In May we introduced ‘Cumshot Mondays’ to Shemale Yum.  Instead of shooting our usual two sets per shoot (with the second being a cum shot) we’re investing in having these scenes shot as … Read More

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Grooby Talent Manager – For All Our Models – Mike Grooby

Here at Grooby we’ve been making some changes across our whole company over the last 12 months, updating how our sites work to provide a better consumer experience, forging new relationships with models wanting to do more of their own work and streamlining our staff into positions that they’re the most valuable and which they enjoy the most.

Grooby has many projects running concurrently all which work with transgender models. We have our websites,  we have DVD production, we’ve white labels on cam companies & dating sites, we have content submitted sites like Traps.porn or our tube sites Tgirls.com, we’ve … Read More

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